Avengers: Endgame Review (SPOILERS)

June 17, 2019

Told you it was coming.

SPOILERS FOR AVENGERS: ENDGAME ABOUND HERE. If you have not watched the movie, I BESEECH YOU TO STOP READING (seriously). This is not a movie you want to ruin for yourself.

Are we peachy?

Good. Let's get on with it then.

Avengers: ENDGAME = 5 Stars

I seriously cannot express how excited I was for this movie. With most movies - especially when it's a big movie that the whole world has waited for - I try not to hype it much. I keep my expectations low, just in case the movie doesn't meet them. But with Avengers: Endgame, I hyped it up for myself to WITHIN AN INCH OF MY LIFE, because I absolutely knew that Marvel would deliver. How could they not?

And, guys - they so did.

- THE E M O T I O N S. I am not a movie crier. I have never cried over a movie in my life - I'm just not a crier in general, okay? I don't cry much. But oH MY WoRd - I cried SO MUCH during Endgame. Much crying! Many tears! SO MANY FEELS. I just can't even with it, really XD. (for the record, I cried the second AND third time I saw Endgame, too. Just sayin')

But seriously - the emotions were REAL in this movie, you guys. The directors went above and beyond giving us everything we wanted in this movie. I was already teary when the movie started, but first full-out cried when Stark called his smol child out of her kid-house and T O N Y S T A R K  HAD A DAUGHTER

The waterworks were on and off for the rest of the entire movie after that ;D.

And Natasha's death? Our tough-as-nails Nat who gave up her life so that Hawkeye could continue to live his? Who'd moved on from making sacrifices because she "had red in her ledger" to making this sacrifice because she loved her friends? GAH. *many more tears*

And the battle scene! Where it's just Cap against the world, but he's STILL willing to fight until he dies, even if it might be futile - and then he hear this crackle. And then this voice - "Cap? Cap? Can you hear me?

It's Sam."

And I wanted to S C R E A M. The battle scene was one of the absolute best - maybe THE absolute best - battle scene in any movie I've ever seen. It was incredible. My heart was beating hard enough to make me breath fast XD. The part where all the portals open and Cap says "AVENGERS - ASSEMBLE!" for the last time was INCREDIBLE.

But one of my favorite scenes in the WHOLE MOVIE was Pepper in her beautiful blue Iron suit that Stark made for her, spinning in the sky and fighting baddies, and then Stark comes soaring up to her and they move in perfect sync as they watch each other's six and totally blast all of Thanos' minions out of the sky - THAT SCENE WAS GOLD. I NEEDED THAT SCENE <3.

Also, Wanda. WANDA. "You took everything from me." "I don't even know you." And she very calmly looks at him and quietly says. "You will." <--- THIS. She took all her anger and pain and turned it into this EARTH-SHATTERING STRENGTH, and it was AMAZING.


Guess who my favorite character in the whole Marvel universe is?

Stark - who tries to fix everything even when everything can't be fixed,  who's changed so much since his first movie, who could easily become the villain but fights so hard to be better - is my favorite character, so y'all probably know when I cried the most.

His death BROKE ME, you guys - BROKE. And then seeing everyone (EVEN DARLING HARLEY, WHO ISN'T SO LITTLE ANYMORE) at his funeral? And it wasn't so big, blow-out, over-the-top funeral powered by the press because Stark was basically a celebrity, it was just the people who really knew Tony Stark? AWK.


And then Morgan asking for a cheeseburger, and for a second Happy can't speak, and when he does speak all he says is "Your daddy liked cheeseburgers." THE TEARS HIT EVEN HARDER.

"I love you three thousand" will never NOT bring all the feels. (especially because it wasn't  originally in the script - it was supposed to be "I love you a ton", until they learned that Robert Downey Jr.'s real-life children tell him "I love you three thousand".)

*deep breaths* I've barely touched the tip of the iceberg of the emotions that happened in this movie, but we should move on before that becomes all that this post is XD. (what do you want to bet imma cry when I watch this movie a fourth time, too?)

- THE BIG MOMENTS. Everything we've been waiting for came true in this movie - EVERYTHING. The hype for this movie was HUGE and the amount of M O M E NT S that were in it DELIVERED.

The fact that they used time travel to go back to old Avengers movies? That was GOLD. I can't think of any better way to call back the beginning days of the Avengers.

And THAT SCENE. With Stark and Howard Stark. Was just PRICELESS. The look on Stark's face when Howard says his wife is pregnant. And then Stark quickly tells him that he has a little girl, like he just wants his dad to know, even if it doesn't matter. THAT SCENE JUST <3. (and then Cap sees Peggy again, and you can just see the gears clicking in his mind XD)

Basically there were M O M E N T S going on EVERYWHERE. Everywhere we turned, there was something to scream over, something happening that we had waited for FOREVER, something that had the entire theater clapping and screaming. I mean - STEVE AND MJORNIR???


And my sisters and I have talked forever about the Women of Marvel shot that's in the battle. I can't help it, I adored that scene. Maybe it was cliche, maybe they were pushing an agenda - I DON'T CARE. I loved seeing all the Marvel women band together. I love what people have have said about the little girls in the theaters they were in FLIPPING OUT during that scene, because they were too young to even know it was cliche or anything like that, they just knew that they were so excited to see all the Marvel women--characters they love and look up to--team up and fight together. That scene was for them- for those little girls. And that scene was also for ME because IT WAS EPIC XD

But we also decided that it wasn't REALLY an "epic Marvel Women" shot, it was ACTUALLY a "the Marvel Women have a secret Spidey Sense that tells them when Spidey is in danger, and then they all turn into Mother Hens and MUST GO SAVE THE SPIDEY-BABY". And I have to admit, I like that theory an awful lot XD. (and in case I haven't mentioned it already, the Stark and Spidey reunion scene was T H E  B E S T)

- THE CHARACTER ARCS. Everyone changed SO MUCH in this movie - and yet it worked. It worked so much. Everyone's arc (well - except for Banner. I loved him as BannerHulk, there just wasn't any reason for him to do that, really?) played out WONDERFULLY.

Natasha had changed from guilt-ridden to putting her past behind her and being motivated by love.

Hawkeye had gone from "I have a bow and arrow, this doesn't make any sense!" to a battle-hardened warrior. 

Thor rode the ups and downs of his monarchy and became ... ah, a Guardian of the Galaxy?

Cap went from giving everything for everyone else to finally choosing something for himself.

Stark went from choosing everything for himself to giving his all for everyone else - quite literally. 

Their arcs were AMAZING and I'm so, so impressed by how well done they were. So perfect.

- THE ABSOLUTION. This was the end of the Avengers. This was the culmination of 11 years and 21 movies. This was the end of phase three and the beginning of phase four. And the tying-up-of-loose ends that happened was AMAZING.

They left just enough open that we're all hyped for phase four, but enough closure that the end of the Avengers felt perfect. There's nothing they could have done better. I loved it. They did so good.

See, the hard thing here in the "epic things" portion is that I'm touching on the big things. Umbrella-covering different stuff. But what really hit the hardest were the little moments - like Sam's "on your left" or Pepper whispering "we're gonna be okay" as Stark is dying. And of course, aaaaallll the callbacks to the older movies. Basically everything was epic. This whole movie was epic. I love this movie XD.

- There was language, as usual. But as far as content goes, I wouldn't say that Endgame was any worse than Infinity War, save for a gay reference that did not sit well with me (especially because Cap seemed to endorse it).

 - Certain things threw me off. Not even enough that I would complain that much, but there were definitely some things. I mean - Thor? Really? What happened to Asgardians being able to drink and not get as affected as normal mortals, huh? Plus, I can't see him ever going the route of getting fat and lazy - I would see him becoming more like Bucky? I'm used to it now, but my word, that tossed me for a loop at first.

I would be perfectly fine with "fat Thor" (he was such a fun character! And I feel like Hemsworth had a blast playing him) if it fit his character arc better. As it is ... *shrugs* It is what it is. And Banner? He didn't bug me that much, per se (I actually quite liked the new Banner, he was great), he just didn't make any sense. But overall, I think those are the only bones I have to pick with the storytelling in this movie. And honestly, the movie was in-and-of-itself so great that I barely even care XD. They just deserve mentioning.

Endgame was everything I wanted in the final Avengers movie. It was incredible, and I'm so beyond impressed that Marvel pulled it off. I will watch it again and again and never get tired of it. I'm so happy that this movie turned out to be everything it needed to be to end the Avengers universe <3.

*deep breath* Would you believe that this post is only half (not even half!) of the length it could be? I could talk about this movie for a long time, honestly (as if you couldn't tell XD). I don't think this was even a proper review (my spoiler-free one was a lot more put together!) but OH BOY did I have a lot of fun just screaming about Endgame ;D.  

To wrap it up, I LOVE LOVE LOVED Endgame, and I absolutely can't wait to watch it another three thousand times. Here's to the epic end of the Avengers saga!

~ Savannah Grace 

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