SIlmaril Awards 2018 - Voting Round

September 10, 2018

The nominations round is officially closed, and it's time for the voting round of the Silmaril Awards! Who's ready?

The top five faithful friends are ... 

- Hwin from The Horse and His Boy - 

Hwin is the fearless and steadfast steed of Aravis in the chronicles of Narnia, who never leaves her girl when she's in need. Together, Hwin and Aravis escape from Tashbaan, and then they venture to Narnia together. Hwin, though sometimes shy, is very loyal, and never leaves a friend behind.

"He didn't say anything about shorter," answered Shasta. "He only said better, because you got to a river this way. If the oasis is due North of Tashbaan, then I'm afraid this may be longer." 
"Well I can't go on without a snack," said Bree. "Take my bridle off, Shasta." 
"P-please," said Hwin, very shyly. "I feel just like Bree that I can't go on. But when horses have humans (with spurs and things) on their backs, aren't they often made to go on when they're feeling like this? and then they find that they can. I m-mean - oughtn't we to be able to do even more, now that we're free? It's all for Narnia." 

- The Horse and his Boy by C.S. Lewis

- Iko from The Lunar Chronicles - 

Iko is Cinder's android companion in the Lunar Chronicles series. But unlike the usual androids, Iko is quite human and is one of Cinder's best friends. When danger strikes, Iko is always there to protect the people she loves. And though she knows how to treat a serious situation, she's always ready to have a good time.

Cinder laughed. "Wow. That's a great color on you." 
"Do you think?" Iko wheeled her way into the room and paused before Cinder's desk, trying to catch her reflection in the netscreen. "I was imagining going to the ball and dancing with the prince."
Cinder rubbed her jaw with one hand and mindlessly tapped the table with the other. "Funny. I've found myself imagining the exact thing lately."
"I knew you liked him. You pretend to be immune to his charms, but I could see the way you looked at him in the marketplace." Iko rubbed at the lipstick, smearing it across her blank white chin. 
"Yeah, well." Cinder pinched her metal fingers with the pliers' nose. "We all have our weaknesses." 
"I know," said Iko. "Mine is shoes."

- Cinder by Marissa Meyer  

- Rose Red from The Tales of Goldstone Wood - 

Rose Red is a shy girl who, when given the choice, would rather stay by herself in the forest she lives in than socialize. She keeps her face covered out of fear, but when it comes to her friends, she is fiercely loyal and willing to face her fears to protect them.

She may have been nothing but an odd child, but somehow this offer comforted Leo more than he would have admitted. He responded with a curt nod and started on his way. 
"You'll come back, won't you?" the girl called after him. 
He looked about and saw her standing small again in that manner of hers, huddling into herself as though she could huddle away into nothing. 
He shrugged. "I'll come back."
"What's your name?" 

"I'm Leo." 
"Do you want to know my name?" 
"I suppose." 
"I'm called Rose Red," she said. Then she was gone, vanished into the rocks and the woods. 

- Veiled Rose by Anne Elisabeth Stengl

- Little John from Robin Hood - 

Little John, partner in crime of the hero Robin Hood, is a gentle giant. He may appear to be big and gruff, but in actuality, he is one of the kindest souls in Nottingham. He is loyal, brave, and always up for Robin Hood's crazy adventures. Friendly, cheerful, and skilled with a bow, not-so-little John is a loyal friend to the end.

- Bree from The Horse and His Boy - 

Bree is the war-horse that befriends the boy Shasta in the Chronicles of Narnia, and helps him escape from his life of slavery. Though Bree sometimes finds it hard to face his own trials, he presses on for the sake of his friends and Shasta as they made their way to Narnia.

The Horse had lifted its head. Shasta stroked its smooth-as-satin nose and said, "I wish you could talk, old fellow." 
And then for a second he though he was dreaming, for quite distinctly, though in a low voice, the Horse said, "But I can." 
Shasta stared into its great eyes and his own grew almost as big, with astonishment. 
"How ever did you learn to talk?" 
"Hush! Not so loud," replied the Horse. "Where I come from, nearly all the animals talk." 
"Where is that?" asked Shasta. 
"Narnia," replied the Horse. 

- The Horse and His Boy by C.S. Lewis

And there are the five characters that have climbed their way into the voting round! I was blown away by how many characters y'all nominated for this award (almost a hundred!), and now you're able to vote for your favorite of these five. You can use the voting form below to vote for all ten categories in the Silmaril Awards. (you can check out the blogs listed in the graphic to see descriptions for the other categories) The voting round only goes until the 14th, so vote quickly! ;)


I'm excited to see who you pick as your winner! Keep being epic, my friends <3. 

~ Savannah Grace 

which of these characters is your favorite?

Silmaril Awards 2018 - Most Faithful Friend Nominations

September 3, 2018

Time to herald in a post with trumpets and fanfare - THE SILMARIL AWARDS ARE HERE!

It's the third annual Silmaril Awards! 

   If you were around for the last two years of the Silmaril Awards (previously known as the Silmarillion Awards), you're probably already escaping down to the comments to start nominating left and right. But for those of you who are new to the Silmaril Awards (hello and hello!) here's how this shindig works:

   The Silmaril Awards are an event put on by Jenelle Schmidt and DJ Edwardson to celebrate our favorite fantasy characters by having all of you guys nominate (and second, third, fourth, etc.) the best fantasy characters in literature to win one of ten Silmaril Awards. And, seeing as this is an event for fantasy characters, the characters presenting the awards at the end will be the some of the best characters of all time - characters from the Hobbit and Lord Of The Rings. So I'm while afraid no Tolkien characters can be nominated (and authors can't nominate their own characters), everyone else (so long as they're a fantasy characters) is fair game! And be sure to include the title of the book the character you nominate is from, so that everyone knows.

   Y'all have a few days (the exact schedule for the Silmaril Awards is at the bottom of this post) to nominate (and second, third, fourth, fifth, etc. - there's no limit to how many times a character can be seconded, and you can second as many as you'd like!) the best fantasy characters, and then the five that got seconded the most will move on to the voting round. And make sure to check out the grand-new Silmaril Awards website!

OKAY, with all that out of the way ...

This year I'm hosting the Most Faithful Friend award! Inigo and Reepicheep are the previous winners of this award, and I'm incredibly curious to see who y'all choose as this year's winner. So go thee forth to the comments section and nominate away!

Participating Blogs in the Third Annual Silmaril Awards

Most Loyal Friend - Savannah @ Inspiring Writes (you are here!) 

Least Competent Henchman - Jenelle @ Jenelle Schmidt

~ Savannah Grace

what are you waiting for? go! nominate! 

Highlights of July and August 2018

August 28, 2018

   Well, both July AND August have flown past - so I'm combining both my highlights post to save myself time (*cough* and stress *cough*), because school is starting up again and if I'm not busy, I don't know who is.

   But ANYways, who wants to hear the crazy that went on for me in the last two months? (I may have thrown a couple extra Realm Makers pics into this post that you haven't seen yet ;))

Well, Realm Makers for one ...

(photo credit Mary Weber and Deborah O' Carroll

... but I've already talked your ear off about all of that, so ;D. If you haven't read my mile-long recap post yet, you can find it over here!

Other than RM, I've fallen headlong into art-ing! I'd kind of done it on and off just for fun before, but I've been slightly more serious about it lately ;D. I've finally quit using only gel pens for this, and decided to give mechanical pencils a shot. And I love them. But I still ban myself from using erasers while art-ing, because otherwise I would never get anywhere xD. And I've started tampering with digital art, too, and have found that it is quite fun!

Sassy little unicorn. I fully approve of it. xD 

 A book quote - comment if you know the book it's from!

Yup, so there are some of my recent attempts ;D. I also finally (FINALLY) reorganized my bookshelf, which I've been meaning to do for a long time. It still needs some tweaking, but my pretty-book-loving-heart is happy! I've been using the shelves in my bedroom for most all the blog pics, but I'm planning to switch to using this shelf after I get the nitty-gritty details smoothed out ;).

Also I started senior year. And I will be 18 in two weeks-ish. Whut even has the world come to O.O 

OH, my gracious - SO MUCH has happened here, y'all! Let's see if I can keep this section from growing to gigantic proportions. (this might actually not be a problem, because July and August flew by so fast that I've forgotten half of what happened ;D)

I'm now the creative writing columnist for Pursue Magazine! It's a position I've wanted for awhile, so I'm pretty excited about that. I'm also the new submissions manager for the publishing house Illuminate YA, which I'm also super stoked about.

I got my first email from an agent! It wasn't massive news or anything (you can message me in Google Hangouts or my Contact if you want to know what the email said, but I'd rather not post it here ;)), but as I didn't expect any reply AT ALL I was basically on cloud nine all the live-long week :D. If you haven't queried an agent out of fear, PUT THAT FEAR ASIDE AND DO IT. It'll be worth it for the experience alone...and you might get a good reply even if you don't expect one at all ;).

I also finished the first round of editing for Forgotten and sent if off to alphas, which was a huge stepping stone for me. I'm excited about this story, and I"m hoping to have the second round of edits done in a few weeks-ish so that I can ship it off to betas and then get it to the agents who've requested it. (so a beta call may be coming around the end of September)

I also wrote multiple pieces of flash fiction, and a couple short stories. Both the short stories need editing, but I already know where I'm going to submit them, so I'm trying to truck away at them ;D. OH, ALSO - one of my pieces of flash fiction is going to be illustrated by an incredible artist in just a couple of weeks here! The incredible Kerilynn Wilson is going to be posting the illustrated version of my flash fiction Uncharted on her blog on Sept. 7th. I'm beyond excited about it! <3

Alright, I KNOW I'm forgetting something...guess I'll just have to kick myself after this post goes up xD.

SO many good books, y'all! Many many gems were found and read this month <3.

- A Thousand Perfect Notes by C.G. Drews. THIS *clap* BOOK *clap* YOU *clap* GUYS. So, so beautiful. I really wasn't sure what I was getting myself into when I picked up this book (because it's by our own beloved Cait who is UNPREDICTABLE and LOVES TO SURPRISE PEOPLE ;D), and it was STUNNING. I'm hoping to get a review up for this one, but for now I'll just say that if you have not grabbed this 5 star book (WHUT, 5 STARS), YOU MUST. Get thyself to a book store.

- Fawkes by Nadine Brandes. Oops look I'm talking about this book even though I told myself I wouldn't because I'm working on a review for it right now ;D. I had HIGH expectations for this book, and it fully met them all! Totally ADORED this story - I can't wait to get the review up and scream about it with y'all! But for now, I'm pinning 4.5 stars on this gorgeous thing and shoving y'all towards the nearest bookstore to buy it ;D.

- The Kneebone Boy. A very random book with a bad ending, but a great story up to the sub-par "the end"? Honestly, the prose was awesome and felt a teeny tiny bit like Stiefvater writing middle grade. It was a fun little gem to find at the library, and I definitely would have given it a higher rating except for the confusing ending. 4 stars.

- Wonder by R.J. Palacio. LOOK WHAT I FINALLY READ. If you guys haven't nabbed this book yet, you really, really should! I'd heard about it awhile back, but wasn't terribly interested. Then I decided that I might as well give it a shot, and OH MY. Loved it very much. Gobbled it up, and then read all the companion short stories for it (which were just as good). The writing style was different, but I really enjoyed it. 4 stars to this beauty.
Two posts. Literally two posts in the last two months ;D. I'm sorry, you guys! I promise September will be more full. Here's a couple more Realm Makers photos to make up for the smol amount of posts (can you tell I'm just finding excuses to share more pictures? ;D)...

photo credit: Deborah

(photo credit Deborah for the pic on the left)

Y'all, if you're considering coming next year JUST. DO. IT. I promise you won't regret it :D.

Oh, also - I posted a book review of The Story Peddler by Lindsay Franklin over on Pursue magazine's website, if you're itching to find more of my ramblings ;).

- Tricia Mingerink is now offering editing services! (and at insanely low prices, too) She's an incredible author, so if any of y'all are looking for an editor, you may want to go check her out ;).

- Realm Makers wrap-ups EVERYWHERE. Let's see if I can snag y'all some links ... Deborah O' Carroll, Madeline J. Rose, Christine Smith, Rosalie Valentine, Tracey Dyck, and Jenelle Schmidt. Go check 'em out ;).

- The amazing Faith did the amazing Comp Title challenge, which was a super fun post to read. This gal is a BEAST with her writing, y'all, just you wait until she's published <3. 

-  MICAIAH SALDANA'S DEAR JAMIE, LOVE RORY WAS PUBLISHED. I'm still on cloud nine, y'all, still on cloud nine. Go check it out! Go BUY it! Treat yoself! ;D

- Danielle at Snapper, Lisa at Inkwell, Victoria at Wanderer's Pen, Abigayle at The Left-Handed Typist, Jeneca at Jeneca Writes, and Rosalie at Penprints did my Get To Know Me Tag: Writer's Edition! Go give these epic girls some love <3 <3 <3. (if you've done the tag and I haven't linked to you yet, throw me a link in the comments! <3)

- Gray did an epic post that was her character's aesthetic in song lyrics, and it was SO AMAZING that I asked her if I could pirate it and call it tag ;D. So that might be coming in the next couple weeks/months depending on whether life plays nice or not ;D. 

- AAAALLL the excitement went down when Nadine announced what her next book is going to be! Romanov sounds absolutely fantastic and I'm already counting down the days until it releases ;D. 

- Rosalie wrote an epic post called Altars of Remembrance, and it was just <3
Well, September posts will all be for a very special event - The Silmaril Awards are coming! I'll be the host for the Most Faithful Friend award this year, and I'm super excited to see who y'all pick as your winner this year ;). It's going to be an absolute blast! (I'll also try to get a blogoversary post or two up, but since that conflicts with the Awards, y'all might have to wait until October)

The Silmaril Awards starts September 3rd - go check out the official website HERE! - so make sure you don't miss it! Until then, keep being epic, my frens <3.

~ Savannah Grace 

how was your month, my friends? how's school?
have any plans for September?
pull up a proverbial chair and let's chat!