Monthly Highlights - October 2016

October 31, 2016

I'm so glad I live in a world that has Octobers.
~ Anne Of Green Gables ~   

   Just had to say that *nods*.

   My October was insane. In all the best ways (I think this has been one of my favorite months this year!) but still insane. Which means it should be quite fun to write about *nods*.

   - Had our awesome friends over to hang out - which resulted in me getting my hair curled and then climbing trees (and jumping out of them - my face nearly met the ground on that one). 'Twas fun XD.

   - Going to Vala's Pumpkin Patch, which was pretty fun. Except for when it started raining lemondrops and gumdrops at the end. I got wet, just sayin'. We went to another pumpkin patch later in the month with relatives that were in town, which was also fun.    

   - Celebrated my little sister's second birthday (I love her so much <3) and my younger sister's golden birthday (which was tons of fun!

   - Had relatives from Arkansas over for a week, which was basically the best part of this month. I was so sad when the had to leave :(. But we had a blast while they were here - going to the zoo, a pumpkin patch, a trunk-or-treat, lots of fun stuff *nods*.

photo credit goes to Ariel

   - Shared my first bit of story-writing on here with you guys (10 Till Midnight)

   - Plotting for NaNoWriMo. Or - more like ... thinking about plotting for NaNo. I'm too lazy for that stuff (plus I feel like I kill the idea by planning it, so ...). I'm pantsing NaNoWriMo XD.

   - Did multiple lead-up-to-NaNo posts, which were super fun. Those were some of my favorites posts I wrote this month *nods*.  

   - Collected pictures for NaNo. Started a journal for NaNoWriMo 2016 (in a Harry Potter notebook, so bonus points for that). Made a collage for my story and set it as the background on my computer. BASICALLY EVERYTHING NANOWRIMO. The end.

Ze collage. 

Four of the books I read wouldn't fit on the collage, but oh well *shrugs*.

   Look, I actually kept track of them this month! Awesome *nods*. AND with how many books I read this month I can't tell you about all of them - but I will give you my thoughts of a few of them.

   - (whole series) The Hunger Games (hy Suzanne Collins) OH, my goodness. You guys. I don't know why I waited so long to read these books! It was an amazing series and I whizzed through the first book in just one day (plus I own it, and it looks awesome on my shelf). I think that the second book, Catching Fire, was my favorite. Mockingay, which I still loved, was probably my least favorite. Mostly because I got confused around the climax. It was confusing. ANYWAYS. Hunger Games got 4 stars, Catching Fire got 4 1/2, and Mockingjay got 4.

   - Stars Above + Cress (by Marissa Meyer) Stars Above is an adorable book that is a companion to the Lunar Chronicles series - I loved reading it! All the short stories were so fun to read (the last one was my favorite, just saying XD). And CRESS! I might have sorta kinda skimmed this book on my first time through (mostly because I really wanted to read Winter), but then I got yelled at for not fully reading it (Cress fangirls, you guys. Scary people *nods*) and so I skipped off to pick it up again. IT WAS EPIC. I can't believe I skimmed it the first time. Stars Above got 4 stars, and Cress got 4 1/2.

   - The Girl Who Fell Under Fairyland And Led The Revels There (by Catherynne M. Valente) THIS SERIES, YOU GUYS. I read the entire series this month (minus the first book, which is *takes a deep breath* The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland In A Ship Of Her Own Making. I read that one last month ... I think) and I LOVED it. The whole series had the feel of a slightly darker Alice In Wonderland, which was SO much fun. And the ENDING! Guys, I'm so picky about how a series ends. And this one ended PERFECTLY. I could rave for a lot longer, but I should probably stop XD. Anyways. I would tell you how many stars each book in this series got ... but do you see the title? They're all like that. I'm not typing them all out. I'd give the whole series about 4 1/2 stars.

   - Savvy (Ingrid Law) I originally picked up this book just for the name (I have a friend who calls me Savvy a lot *nods*) but it turned out to be really good! The writing and the plot were both a lot better than I thought they would be, so I ended up giving this one 4 stars. Quite a happy surprise! 

   - Six Of Crows (Leigh Barduro) Honestly, I picked this one up because of all the hype. And really? It didn't live up to the hype. I felt like I was having to shovel through the first half-or-so of the book. But I kept going because I wanted to tell you guys what I thought of it by the end. Over halfway through the story it got a little better, but I'm going to give it 2 stars. Not sure if I'm going to give the second book in the series a chance or not.

   ALSO I won a giveaway for a box set of the Lord Of The Rings series at the end of September (all the happiness!) and the books look gorgeous on my shelf. Thank you so much, Deborah! (and go check out her blog, she is epic *nods*)

   And the there was the books haul. The very, very large book haul. I think I got, like ... maybe fifteen books? I can't even remember XD. And then I got these epic boxes that look like books - here, I'll show you a picture of some of the stuff.

   SO the other books didn't want to fit in the picture (they are finicky), so you get pictures of these ones. I finally (finally!) found myself a cute little copy of The Hobbit + a hardcover of Anne Of Green Gables + the purple book box + all the other lovely things *nods*.    

   - The Q&A Tag. Second tag this month - 'twas fun.  

   - 8 Days To NaNo - My Thoughts. Me and my brain and fingers don't agree when it comes to NaNo. We had an interesting conversation. 

   - 5 Things I Learned In Europe - Guest Post By Micaiah Saldana. My lovely friend agreed to do a guest post for me!

   - 10 Till Midnight - Spooky Story Challenge. The first piece of my actual 'story-writing' that I've made public. 0.0

   - 18 Days To NaNo - My Plan. Yup. I spilled all my secrets. Go read the secrets.

   - The Get To Know Me Tag. Self explanatory *nods*.

   - Beautiful Books 2016 - Introduce Your Novel, where I spill not-so-much about my stories because I'm pantsing NaNoWriMo.

   - Interview With Authoress Tessa Emily Hall ... I feel like the title speaks for itself on this one.

   - Purposeful Pages Linkup - October Edition, in which it is somehow October. Go figure.

   - Katie Grace shared about her NaNoWriMo novel, Where The Shadows Lie, which sounds like it's going to be ah-mazing.     
   - Hannah White wrote an epic post about not being able to ruin your story that I SO needed to read.

   - Deborah O' Carroll also shared her NaNoWriMo novel, The Library In The Stars. I need to have this book *nods*.

   - Nadine Brandes wrote about 10 bookish items for your writing space. I need them all, oh yes.

-- Last month's goals --

   - Thirty followers. *blinks* Somehow that happened. Thank you to all my wonderful followers!

   - Plotting my NaNoWriMo novels. Eh ... nope. I have surrendered to the insanity that is pantsing NaNoWriMo *raises white flag*.

    - Turn one of my poems into a song. So this didn't work out. But October was a whirlwind, so I totally have an excuse *nods*. 

-- This month's goals -- 

   - ACE NANOWRIMO. That is the only goal. The most insane goal. I can do this. You can do this. We'll all do this! *highfive*  *passes around the ice cream* Oh wait, one more goal ...

   - No requesting library books. This will be so insanely hard. I mean, did you guys see how many books I read this month? It was a lot. And now (since big nasty NaNo decided to barge in) I'M NOT GOING TO REQUEST ANY MORE IN NOVEMBER. The only library books I'll get are the ones I already have waiting. We'll see if this goal gets met or not XD. 

   And that was my insane October. I don't know how the next month could be any more crazy, but I bet it will be. If I don't survive, blame NaNoWriMo XD. See you guys in November! 

~ Savannah Grace

   How was your October? Did you do much NaNo - prepping (are you NaNo-ers freaking out about tomorrow?!)? What was your favorite book you read? What are some books I should read in November? (I need suggestions!)

The Q&A Tag

October 28, 2016

   I hath been tagged for a Q&A! And it looks like a really fun one, too - I have a thing for tags with unique questions *nods*. (thanks, Cordy!)

Le Rules
Tag the blogger who nominated you (okay, so this doesn't make much sense. *is a rebel and skips*)
 Answer the questions you were given 
Nominate ten bloggers 
Write our your ten questions 
Let them know they've been tagged 

1. When you're worried and you can't fall asleep, what do you do? 

   Close my eyes, take deep breaths, and basically block out everything ('cept God, because praying helps *nods*). 

2. What is your favorite spice associated with Autumn? 

   Huh. I dunno - maybe cinnamon? I don't associate many spices with Autumn, but I love the smell of cinnamon and pumpkin *nods*.  

3. Do you know any great Thanksgiving songs? 

   Nope - we played Christmas music around Thanksgiving last year XD. That was mostly because we were combining Christmas + Thanksgiving into the same day since relatives would be there. Which was awesome, as (I think) those are my two favorite holidays. 

4. What was the last book you read and liked? 

   (okay, first - I loved how you added 'and liked' to the question *nods*) Savvy by Ingrid Law was the last book I read, and I gave it four stars. It was so good. But the last book I gave a five-star rating to was *takes a deep breath* The Girl Who Raced Fairyland All The Way Home by Catherynne M. Valente. I loved it so! It was the last book in its series, and it was an epic ending. *won't say anymore because too much flailing will happen*

5. Have you ever given yourself a theme song/s? Share one. 

   I haven't, but now I kinda want to :D.  But a few of the songs I'm enjoying right now (even if I haven't picked a theme song, I have to share some music with you guys *nods*) are No Filter by Britt Nicole, Peter Hollens' version of 'Can't Stop The Feeling', and Lost Girls by Lindsey Stirling.   

6. If you could be costumed appropriately as anyone you wanted, who would it be?  

   A Mirkwood elf from Lord Of The Rings. Probably (I'm a LotR addict, you guys XD). Though, a really epic pirate would be fun, too ...   

7. What's a hobby you excel at? (Yup, give yourself a compliment, my friends.)

   Uh ... I would say writing, but I need some work in that area *grins*. Still, that's my favorite hobby, unless buying books counts (I am a genius when it comes to buying books XD).

photo credit goes to Ariel

   The biggest hardcover books I own. I could honestly use them as weapons. They are massive heavy-duty books. Thus, they get to go outside. They are the specials *nods*.

8. What is your favorite holiday decoration that a staple at your house? 

   Does a Christmas tree count? Because that would be my favorite decoration, no question about it.  Our Christmas tree never looks coordinated (who could expect it to be when I have a lot of siblings?) but I like it that way. I really starts to feel like Christmas once we get the tree up *nods*. And Christmas is in two months, so I'm a little bit excited right now XD. 

9. Do you sing out-loud, or hum? (You know, when you're doing housecleaning and the like.)

   BOTH. ALL THE TIME. Seriously, you guys. I'm basically never not humming, singing, or whistling *nods*.
10. Do you have a favorite word? What is it? 

   Okay, never ask a writer this question. They probably won't pick. *won't pick* XD

I tag -

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My Questions -

1. What is a hyped book that you want to read?
2. When/why did you start your blog?
3. Penguins or puffins? (important questions, people)
4. Show us a picture of your bookshelf! 
5. What three songs have you had on repeat lately?
6. If you could live in one fictional world, which world would it be?
7. What are three things on your bucket list?
8. Share the last sentence you wrote in your WIP.
9. What is the best book you've read this month? What was the worst?
10. What's a fact about you that other people might be surprised to know?

   That was fun! Thanks again for the tag, Cordy (and for making the questions interesting. Good for you *nods*)!

~ Savannah Grace 

If you could be appropriately costumed as anyone you wanted, who would you be?

8 Days To NaNo - My Thoughts

October 24, 2016

   In which I have a talk with my brain and things. (you can check out my previous post, 18 days to NaNoWriMo, here

Me: *sits down and contemplates* Alright, I'll work ahead in school and get a vague idea of where my story is going, and then - 


Me: Nuh-uh, no collages. Don't even think about -

Brain: COLLAGES. Just like this one.

Me: ... why do you even bring things up like this? I just need more time.

Time: Ha, no.

Me: *looks at collage again* *sighs*


Me: No, wait, I already picked my NaNo story, I don't need a -

Brain: More collages.

Fingers: MORE story.

Plot bunnies: ATTACK.

Me: Oh no, nooo, don't even think about it. Don't.

Plot bunnies: *are slightly confused for a moment*

Fingers: *offer carrots*

Me: WHY do you keep betraying me?

Plot bunnies: *hop right up*

Brain: *cackles and flips through all the story ideas*

Me: *buries head in hands* I'm going to be sick.

Stomach: Sick.

Me: I don't even know why I'm doing this anymore.

Fingers: *giggling* Story, story, story, story ...


Me: ... darn.

Brain, Fingers, Plot Bunnies: *much going crazy*

Me: Well there goes that plan. *sighs and opens laptop* Let's see what happens.

~ Savannah Grace

   I have such a feeling that this is going to happen at some point. How are all my NaNo-friends doing? What genre is your novel?

5 Things I Learned In Europe - Guest Post By Micaiah Saldana

October 21, 2016

    Europe, you guys. Nothing can go wrong with this guest post - it's about Europe! (I may or may not wish to go to Europe *shrugs*)

   Yeah, anyways. My friend Micaiah Saldana from Ramblings Of A Writing has agreed to come over and write an awesome guest post for me (*cough* Europe *cough*), and so y'all can enjoy her company until I come back with another NaNoWriMo post *nods*.

A couple years ago, my family had the amazing privilege of living in Belgium (we moved back to the U.S. this year). Europe was AMAZING. The travel, the people, the rich history, the food… I loved all of it.

Living overseas was, overall, a great experience. It was sad to come back to the States after my grand adventure, but I took with me some lessons that I would like to share with you. 

1. It’s Okay To Be Different

As an American in Europe, I stood out. Europeans could tell how different I was just by the way I dressed, the car my family drove (a Honda Odyssey is quite an oddity amongst the midget cars of Europe), and the language I spoke.

It wasn’t always fun being the odd one out, the one who was clueless to the languages being spoken around her and who everyone could pinpoint as an American. I mean, don’t we all want to fit in at one point or another?

But guess what?

It’s okay to be different; God made each and every one of us to be different. No two people are the same. Different is great; it’s okay not to fit in and be like everyone around us. We should each be our own beautiful selves, the people God made us to be.

2. Slow Down

Americans live in a super-speed world, full of things that make us as busy as bees.

Do this; do that. There’s still something on my to-do list. Ah, I need to go here, schedule this, work on that…

It’s quite the opposite in Europe.

In Europe, there is a noticeably slower pace of life, especially in the Belgian countryside where my family lived. You could feel it in the air. For example, in restaurants, service tended to be slower but no one minded-why the rush? Even then, customers would tend to linger after they had paid their bill. Rarely were people rushing from place to place.

I think we all need to slow down and stop being so busy, busy, busy. If you’re always running around like a madwoman, you’ll miss the little things in life God has blessed us with.

3. It’s Okay Take A Break

I can remember a time when my dad and I drove to our local boulangerie (bakery) to pick up some breakfast. We arrived, visions of pain au chocolat and our favorite raisin bread dancing in our heads…

They were closed.

A little sign on the door stated that the boulangerie would be closed for nearly a month (we found this out because we contacted my French-speaking mother. Neither of us knows much French, though we think we do.).

Our American mindsets kicked in. Why would they be closed this long? They need to get back to work! We are hungry. How could anyone take a break this long?

I’ve learned that it’s okay to take a break; in fact, taking a break is part of slowing down. Sometimes, we need breaks so we won’t go insane. Right now, I’m taking a break from novel writing, and it has given me the time to prep for the editing process and attempt to build my writing platform.

I would like to note that while it’s okay to take breaks and slow down, we shouldn’t be lazy or neglectful of our responsibilities. Many times, we just need to learn to manage our time or stop doing wasteful things that eat up our time.

4. There Are Stories All Around Us

Europe is chock full of stories practically begging to be told. There are castles down the street, an art museum around the corner, ruins in the countryside, and all the people in big cities like Prague… One can’t help but wonder about the stories behind these people, places, and things. Some stories are already well known. Others hide in the shadows or have just never been told.

There are untold stories everywhere we go-we just have to find them.

It’s the same in America as in the fairytale land of knights and nobles and architectural wonders. There’s a story down the street, a tale around the corner. It could be at your local grocery store or under the willow tree in your front yard.

I dare you to go and look.

5. A Little sugar Never Hurt Anyone

Ah, European food. Every country has its specialties. Pastries in France. Chimney cakes in the Czech Republic. Chocolates and waffles in Belgium… Not to mention Turkish Delight in London (oh yeah, Narnia fans. I understand why Edmund wanted some more).

I love baking, and I love desserts. So of course I have the wackiest most random life lesson ever: a little sugar never hurt anyone. It makes life sweeter (no pun intended). =)

So there you have it. Be who God made you to be, your own beautiful self, no matter what. Slow down and take a break if you must. Look around for the stories surrounding you.

And remember, a little sugar never hurt anyone. =)

<> <> <> <> <> <> <>

   *claps* Thank you so much for that wonderful post, Micaiah! I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did - feel free to chat with her in the comments, and check out her blog to read her other lovely posts :).

~ Savannah Grace 

   Do you want to go to Europe? I know that I do!    

'10 Till Midnight' - Spooky Story Challenge

October 17, 2016

   Halloween is on the rise - it's the time of year for candy, getting ready for NaNoWriMo (we're not thinking about that right now), costumes, and spooky stories. And I'm joining in Jenelle Schmidt's Spooky Story Challenge (unfortunately I couldn't get her graphic to work, so you don't get to see it), which ... is fairly self-explanatory. Enjoy.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

   There was no wind that night. Only silence and shadows and the angry moon, watching over the world with its stony eye.
   And they alone saw the strange creatures creeping down the trail, set free and hungry. They had not eaten for three years.
   So hungry.

   The book’s worn pages crinkled beneath Lucy Aberon’s fingers. The house was still except for the noise of her breathing. Her older brother had gone out to roam the street and cause ruckus, while she preferred to stay home and read. Besides, they had just moved into the neighborhood and she didn’t know anyone.  Halloween night wasn’t really for her. But it was good for a book. 
   She pulled her blankets closer to her chin and scooted towards the tiny candle she had lit. Her family called her old-fashioned, reading by candle light, but she liked the way the candle flame danced.
   She turned to the next page. Whoosh, and the candle blew out.
   She sighed. Maybe her family was right. She stood up and was about to go turn on the light when moonbeams reached through the window and illuminated the book’s pages.
    There was a post-it note attached to them.
   Squinting in the dim light, she reached down and pulled it off.
   10 minutes was scrawled across it in spidery handwriting. 10 minutes. Her eyes flickered up to the digital clock on her nightstand.
   11:50. Ten minutes till midni –
   Something hit the window. She whirled around, dread knotting her stomach. The wind had started up and pale papers were blowing up against the window.
   10 minutes, 10 minutes, 10 minutes read every one. Her bedroom door was thrown open of its own accord. More paper blew in –  10 minutes, 10 minutes, 10 minutes, 10
   She stumbled backwards and hit the headboard, post-it note clenched in her hand, and screamed. Screamed and screamed and screamed, until she couldn’t hear the paper whirlwind anymore.
   And when she stopped, it was silent. Too silent. The papers fell to the floor like dead moths. She shivered in the freezing air, waiting, too scared to move.
   And then the shadows quivered.
   A whirlpool of blackness formed in the middle of her room. The shadow straightened like a deathly flower blooming and looked at her with two blood-red eyes. The inky figure pointed one long finger at the paper she held.
   “You have been warned,” it rumbled. “Aberon blood will be spilt this night.”  
   And then the figure burst, sending shard of shadow across the room. She didn’t even have time to scream. Only to stand and stare, bits of black caught in her hair and eyelashes.
   As the dark faded from her skin, all she could think was I have been warned.
   Lucy Aberon had been warned.
   But her brother hadn’t been.
   Throwing on a white coat and jeans, she dashed out of the house and into the frozen night.
   And three thin pieces of paper floated listlessly on the wind. Above the trees and into the midnight sky, like wandering birds. 10 minutes, 10 minutes, 10 minutes.

   The leader raised his nose and sniffed. They were close. He could smell human flesh.
   Human flesh. It had been so long. Three years.
   So long.
   He gestured with one long, grotesque hand and lurched down the path, following the human-flesh scent.
   So close.

   She had forgotten her phone. But she guessed that it wouldn’t have helped – there were strange forces at work
   She tried not to think of what 10 minutes could lead too. Only ran down the street like a ghost out for revenge, looking for her brother.
   10 minutes, 10 minutes, 10
   There was a crack. She skidded to a stop and tripped, shredding her hands on the cement and leaving blood trails.And she laid there, freezing, trying to still her pounding heart.
   Paranoid. That’s all it was – she was paranoid. Inhaling shakily, she climbed back to her feet and moved more slowly, wrapping her arms around herself. Her palms stung and were probably leaving stains on her clothes. She didn’t care.
   She had to find her brother. 10 minutes.

   He smelled blood. A growl built up in his throat. Blood.
   And it was close.
   A cascade of growls and insect-sounding clicks erupted from his pack. They were impatient. They wanted to feed.
   He sniffed the air again. Yes, blood. And human flesh. So close.
   It was time to hunt.

   Her feet were blistered. She didn’t know how far she had gone – she barely knew where she was anymore. She could hardly see.
   So she just kept walking and calling her brother’s name, hoping she wasn’t too lost. Then she heard a shout.
   She whirled around and dashed across whoever’s yard she was in, tripping on sticks. No one would see her – it was too dark. But she had to find out who screamed. Something about it felt wrong.
   She rounded the house, and slowed as the moon shot its dim and deathly light across the backyard. And she saw her brother. He was in the yard, crouching, hand on his leg. It looked broken. How …
   “Ashland!” She cried, rushing forward again.
   She didn’t know what time it was. But the shadows and the moon did. And they watched as every clock struck twelve and a grotesque hand clamped down around the unsuspecting girl’s arm.
   She had been warned. 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

~ Savannah Grace

18 Days To NaNo - My Plan

October 14, 2016

   The NaNo storm is slowly coming upon us. You have two options - either run from the insane writers who will be locking themselves in the house and typing monstrous amounts of words ... or join them. And eat lots of ice cream while trying to stay alive.

   There is ice cream and words in the deal. I cannot refuse. I will suffer and be happy about it *steels resolve*.

   Time to lay down the plan of action.

   1. Stock up on ice cream (everybody needs ice cream while writing *shares the ice cream*)

   2. Test all my gel pens (and buy new ones if any don't work. I CANNOT WRITE WITHOUT GEL PENS)

   3. Create an epic desktop background that will make me want to write (... or go look for more epic pictures on the internet, either or *shrugs*.)

   4. Barricade the door and turn off the wi-fi (well, maybe I'll at least keep the wi-fi ... )

   5. Open a blank notebook on the night of October 31st, at exactly 11:58, and stare at it until November 1st rolls around. Then I will write one word and go to bed (because who ever stays up until midnight? Pfft, not me ... *is guilty*)


    ... well ... no promises, Yoda.

   7. Get all of YOU, my writer-ly friends, to do it with me.

   8. Not even think about editing. No way.

   9. Cheer on all the NaNoWriMo friends. We'll ace this thing together *fistbump*

~ Savannah Grace

   So, what say you? Are you doing NaNoWriMo this year? What's your plan? 

The Get To Know Me Tag

October 12, 2016

   I've had my blog for a whole month. What is this insanity?! *gives you candy for putting up with me for 30 days*
   I was not tagged for this. I do not care XD. Enjoy *nods*.

Vital Stats

Name: Savannah Grace *points to bio*.

Nickname: Savan (by my sisters), Savvy (by my cabinmates from Camp NaNo) and occasionally Elf-Friend (by my also-LotR-obssesed sister) *nods*.

Birthday: September 11 - the day before I started this blog.

Star Sign: Uh ... Scorpio? I think? Maybe? I don't really know *shrugs*.

Occupation: Writing, reading, staying up late, blogging, eating ice cream - oh, you mean a serious occupation? Well then,  none XD. 


Hair Color: Dark brown.

Hair Length: Uh ... *points at picture in bio*.

Eye Color: Brown.

Best Feature: (so, am I supposed to brag or something? Huh. *is unsure*) Well .., maybe my hair? My sister are always getting jealous about how thick it is. 

Braces: Nope.

Piercings: None - though my younger sister and I are going to get our ears pierced soon *nods*.

Tattoos: Also none.

Righty Or Lefty: Righty. I can't write (legibly) with my left hand to save my life.


Best Friend: ... I don't know. Typically all the friends I have are considered my best friends*nodnod*.

Award: Probably when I won first place in one of Tessa Emily Hall's writing challenges.

Sport: I HAVE TERRIBLE MEMORY, YOU GUYS. I don't remember XD. 

Real Holiday: Well, I was born in September, so ... Thanksgiving, I suppose? Unless you count Halloween. 

Concert: None. 


Movie: First of all, what kind of questions are these?! Second of all - every one of the Lord Of The Rings and Hobbit movies. 

What the movies make me feel like *nods*

Color: Light blue or certain shades of green.  

Song: (How about we just say current favorite? That works.) Most of Francesca Battistelli and For King And Country's stuff - I can't wait until it's December and I can start blasting the Christmas music! 

Shop: Anywhere I can get cheap books that are in good condition (I'll give you guys pics from my latest book haul in October's monthly review). 

Books: *stubbornly refuses to answer*

Shoes: Ballet flats and boots <3. The end.  


Feelings: A wee bit tired and way ready to curl up with a good book (but when do I not feel like that?) 

Single Or Taken: Single. Most definitely.  

Eating: Uh ... nothing? I can't really type and eat at the same time. 

Thinking About: (*whispers* you need to listen to this, by the way)

   Because my sister has it playing right now *shrugs*.   

Watching: Nothing. 

Wearing: Blue shirt, black running shorts. Casual stuff *shrugs*. 


Want Children: If that's part of God's plan for me!

Want To Be Married: *points to above answer* 

Careers In Mind: Something to do with writing, hopefully. It's what I love. 

Where You Want To Live: At the top of a grassy mountain where you can look down and see the clouds, where the birds are always singing and a breeze is always blowing. Preferably with a dragon and a few Pegasus.
Do You Believe In

God: Absolutely.

Miracles: Yup.

Love At First Sight: ... not really.  

Ghosts: No.

Aliens: Again, not really.    

Soul Mates: Copying this answer from Hosanna, because I think it works well *nods* = "I believe that God has the perfect person chosen for you (unless you are to remain single). Is that the same thing?"

Heaven: Yes. 

Hell: Well, they kinda go together. So yes. 

Kissing On The First Date: Uh, no. Just ... why?

Yourself: Yup - well, more in God working through me than myself. I can do whatever He gives me the power to do *nods*. 

*leaves this tag open for whoever wants to steal it, because I stole it*

~ Savannah Grace

   Where would you live, given the choice?