Silmarillion Awards 2017 - Stangest Character Award Presentation

July 21, 2017

   And .. it's finally time! The votes have been tallied, the forms have been closed, and all loose ends have been tied. Now it's time to reveal to you the illustrious winner of the Strangest Character Silmaril - but I won't be the one presenting it! So I'll go ahead and put this shindig into the capable hands of the just-as-illustrious presenter of the Strangest Character Silmaril award! (and if you haven't read the Lord Of The Rings books, you won't know the character presenting the award - but he's quite delightful, so I'd advise that you do read them!)  

   *and the curtain goes up*

   Hey dol! merry dol! Can you hear me singing?.
   Here's Tom Bombadil, Silmaril a-bringing.
   Hey dol! merry dol! Come and follow me.
   Here's Tom Bombadil, the winner off to see.

   But first we have a stop to make, a friend we shall be meeting
   He shall have to go with us, the winner to be greeting!
   "Hoy there, Puddleglum! I see that you've been fishing.
   Have you caught anything - or are you only wishing?"

   A strange, skinny creature - with thin hair, a pointy hat, and an expression that would make one think the world had just ended - was sitting on the riverbank, dangling a rather decrepit fishing pole into the water. He looked over his shoulder when he heard Tom Bombadil, and his expression fell even further (if that were at all possible, which indeed it was. Marsh-Wiggles are not known to be particularly joyful creatures.). Puddleglum stood up and looked suspiciously at Tom. 

   "Oh, you're back, aren't you? I always thought you would be - come to tell me that there was some mistake in giving me a Silmaril Award last year, I suppose? Took you long enough to figure that out. But here, I've always carried it with me ... you might as take it now, I don't have time to waste when the clouds are rolling in-"  

   "Not at all, my wiggly friend, that's not what I'm wanting!
   That Silmaril is your's to keep, forever to be flaunting!
   I'm here to bring you along with me, a friend we shall be seeing
   But you're right, no time to waste, so we really should be fleeing!"

   Puddleglum began to voice his worry about "fleeing" ("I'm not done recovering from my last adventure - but the other Marsh Wiggles said it made me less cheerful, so I suppose there may be some good in adventures after all, though we'll all die along the way, I shouldn't wonder..."), but it was a little late for that. For then world blurs, and suddenly Tom and Puddleglum are standing in a forest, and a long table is in front of them. Tom spreads his arms wide and smiles. 

   "Now let the song begin! Let us sing together,
   Of characters and Silmarils, and other things that flatter
   Readers all, I present to you your winner, The Mad Hatter!"  

   The three inhabitants at the table start, and one jumps up, holding a tea cup in his hand. Tea sloshes over the side, but he doesn't seem to notice. "An award for me?!" he cried, "What day of the month is it? No matter! We're prepared for visitors any day, especially any that come with awards attached!" while the March Hare shouted, "No room, no room!" as Puddleglum slumped at the far end of the table.
   "Oh, I see," the Marsh-Wiggle glumly said, digging around in his pocket for his own Silmaril award. "You've found another strange character to replace me, I shouldn't wonder. The other Marsh Wiggles always told me it would happen - they said I was too optimistic about the whole thing. Here, you might as well take it now ..." 

   "Now, now, my gloomy friend, your Silmaril's for keeping!
   And as for you, my Hatter friend - for joy you should be leaping!
   The readers have voted for you, of their own accord,
   So for being the strangest character, I present you this award!" 

   The Mad Hatter picked it up and squinted one eye shut, cocking his head as he looks at it suspiciously. "What's this strange writing on it?" he asked, while the sleepy dormouse inquires if it can be eaten. "Does it explain why a raven is like a writing desk? I haven't the slightest idea."    
   "A raven isn't like a writing desk," Puddleglum said, shaking his head while looking at the dried crust of old tea on one of the tea cups. "I don't think you understand-" 
   "Why, it isn't very POLITE to contradict your hosts!" the Mad Hatter declared, waving his Silmaril in the air. "And as you're sitting at our table, drinking our tea - which is quite cold, seeing as it was yesterday's - that would be us! Now, someone explain all of these to me. It's six o' clock, far to late for deep thinking! Why is a raven like a writing desk?" No one answered, and the Hatter shook his head. "Bother it all, I suppose I'll have to ask Time himself when I see him next. We're well acquainted you know, even though he has rudely left me at six o' clock for the last who-knows-how-long!" 
   Suddenly standing and raising his Silmaril high above his head, the Hatter cried, "I want a clean cup, let's all move one place over!" 
   And with a leap and a bound, the Hatter, the Hare, and the Dormouse scampered to new seats, peering into their new cups of tea to see how full they were. The Hatter's was the only full one left at the table, and he grinned madly as he raised it. "Won't you stay around for tea, award-bringer and sulky one? We'd love to invite you, but there's no more tea!" 
   "So there's also no more room!" chorused the March Hare and the dormouse, as the March Hare hopped over and grabbed Puddleglum by the arm, dragging him away from the platter of cookies he had been eyeing.  
   "No more room? I think there is! But we really should be going -
   We must now be trotting along, like the river flowing!
   Many happiness's to you, my dear Hatter Mad!
   That you have won the Silmaril, I certainly am glad!"

   Tom bowed to the Hatter, and Puddleglum waved, and then the Hatter and the Hare fell to bickering over whether or not the Silmaril could be used as a tea-tray.

   The world blurs, and Puddgleum is gone. Tom stands alone on a stage, beaming quite benignly. 
   "Well, readers many - all of you we have to thank!
   For giving the Mad Hatter this very impressive rank!
   So honored I was to present this award to the one you chose.
   What fun it was to help you all! But the curtain must now ... close."

   ... and the curtain falls. 

  *applause* Congratulations to the Mad Hatter! Who was surprised that he won? (he took over the votes by a landslide, and I kind of expected it - he has the word MAD in his name, after all xD) I hope you all had an amazing time traipsing around with Tom and Puddleglum and visiting the Mad Hatter - I certainly did!

   And with this post, my time hosting the Silmarillion Awards 2017 has ended - but don't forget to visit the rest of the blogs who haven't presented their awards yet! It's going to be a ton of fun, and you don't want to miss it ;).
   Happy Silmarillion Awards 2017, everyone!

~ Savannah Grace

   I hope y'all had fun during the award presentation, my friends! Did any of you guess that the Mad Hatter would win?


  1. This was.... absolutely amazing!!! I love how you managed to have Tom stay in rhyme the whole time. And Puddleglum was so incredibly PUDDLEGLUM! I loved it so much!

    I am actually quite surprised! I didn't figure the Mad Hatter would be quite as popular as he was. It's nice to see that the classics are still obviously being read and loved.

    I am so thrilled that the awards have had such a wide distribution across various books and series!

    1. Thank you so much, Jenelle! This post was incredibly fun to write, I'm so glad that I got the 'Strange Characters' category! xD

      I figured it would be the Hatter only because of how many 'seconds' he got - but I NEVER guessed that he'd be seconded as much as he was! I really need to reread Alice In Wonderland again, it's been forever!

      So was I! Thank you (and DJ!) so much for putting this together, I had a blast :D.

  2. XD This is brilliant!! So funny. I'm a big fan of Puddleglum, and you did a marvelous job writing him, as well as all the other characters. Well done! :D

    1. Thanks, Kyle! Puddleglum (despite his, uh, pessimism xD) was a blast to write! I'm glad you enjoyed the post :D.

  3. Oh, my. This was fabulous. So much poetry and all of it so wonderfully done. It was great to see old Tom again and Puddleglum was gloomily winsome and the Mad Hatter had that perfect amount of peculiar oddness. What a delightful romp!

    Thank you for such a fun presentation!

    1. I'm glad you thought so, DJ - thank you! I never thought that such different (and strange! xD) characters could make a good mix, but it was certainly a fun post to write!

      Thank YOU (and Jenelle!) for putting this whole celebration together! I can't wait for next year's :D.

  4. I knew it was either going to be him or Winter from the Lunar Chronicles. Both of them had quite a few votes last time I checked. But the award ceremony was so much fun to read - the Mad Hatter is so strange! He deserved the award :)

    1. I was so excited to see what the outcome of the votes would be - and I was super happy to see that it was the Hatter! It was so fun to write a post with him in it, and I'm glad you liked it! ;)

  5. Huzzah! Congrats to the Mad Hatter -- he is certainly . . . erm . . . strange, as you post so aptly shows. XD My goodness, I LOVED THIS SO MUCH! It's hilarious!! Great job on the whole thing, m'dear! I had so much fun reading this!!! :D

    1. THANK YOU, DEBORAH! <3 (and thanks for proofreading it for me, too xD) I'm glad you enjoyed reading it! It was bunches of fun to throw such strange characters into the same post :D. Can't wait to see who wins your category! (I'm waiting on pins and needles for Monday!)

  6. Savannah, that was BRILLIANT!! I loved it! Tom's rhymes were spot on, and Puddleglum's cameo was great! And congratulations to the Mad Hatter. I'm so glad that he won! He definitely deserves it.

    1. Thank you so much, Abbey! I'm glad you enjoyed this! :D

  7. OH

    This is one of the greatest things I've ever read!!!! I AM DYING. THIS WAS BRILLIANT. I adored how Tom stayed in rhyme, and Puddleglum was so...PUDDLEGLUM. How he thought he'd have to get rid of his Silmaril and everything. Oh my gracious, so him. XD Savannah! You totally captured the voice and feel of each character and style of their own stories. YOU ARE A GENIUS.


    AND THE MAD HATTER WON!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M SO HAPPY! :D He obviously very much deserves this award. *applauds* and throw confetti*

    1. CHRISTINE, YOUR COMMENT *grins*. I told my sister (Ariel) that you'd freak out when you read this, and I was entirely right! xD I'm so glad that you liked my representation of these characters! :D

      YES! I was especially happy that the Hatter won because THE MAD TEA PARTY. I was so excited to write a post about it xD. THANK YOU SO MUCH, LAURI, I'm glad you enjoyed the post! <3 <3 <3

  8. LOVED Tom's rhymes!! You did SOOOO GOOD! :D

    And YAY for the Mad Hatter! He is definitely one of the strangest characters I've ever read!! This award is perfect for him! :) So glad he won!

    1. Thank you so much, Madeline! And now I think I MIGHT know part of the struggles Tolkien had with his book - Tom's rhymes are SO HARD to write! xD

  9. UM I THINK YOU JUST MAY BE RELATED TO TOM, AT LEAST SLIGHTLY??? I don't quite understand how you were able to make all those stanzas rhyme. And do it in a day. o_o
    "I suppose there may be some good in adventures after all, though we'll all die along the way, I shouldn't wonder..." <-- I literally laughed out loud at that part right there.

    1. REALLY? *gasps* That would be so epic, you have no idea!
      Poor Puddleglum. Someone needs to cheer him up and show him that not EVERYONE dies on adventures. Just some people xD.

      Thank you, sister! ;)

  10. Bravo, Savannah! I loved this post. I could practically hear Puddleglum talking in his down-and-depressed voice, and you did such a perfect job of representing his character.

    And Tom...nailed it and then some. I loved how you incorporated his rhyming habits into the post.

    Congrats to the Mad Hatter. He certainly sounds deserving of this award. LOL

    1. Thank you, Zachary! I had so much fun trying my hand at Tolkien and Lewis' (and Carroll's!) characters - I'm glad you thought it went well! :D

      He has 'mad' in his name, after all! xD

  11. BRILLIANT! You wrote this brilliantly, I felt like I was with the Hatter's crew myself!

  12. THIS POST WAS EPIC. I loved seeing Puddleglum, Tom Bombadil, and the Mad Hatter together. It was just so perfectly strange. XD

    Somehow the Mad Hatter just NEEDED to win this. Not gonna lie, I was really holding out for Calcifer...but maybe next year he'll have a chance. ;)

    Loved this post, Savvy!! I heartily agree with everyone else: you NAILED Puddleglum's voice and the rhymes were fantastic. :D CONGRATS TO THE MAD HATTER!!

    1. Thank you so much, Glitter Queen! <3 I'm so glad you liked the post! And I agree - The Mad Hatter was the perfect character to join the ranks of Puddleglum and Tom! xD

  13. Hi Savannah!!

    I'm sorry I have not been an active on your blog. However, you have done great things with this blog. Your writing is engaging and your topics are well chosen. Excellent work indeed. (Even though I don't comment, that doesn't mean I'm not reading what your writing.) Annnd, being the writer that you are, I thought you might like this tag, so I tagged you.
    Play if you think it's something you'd enjoy! Otherwise, skip it. :D

    Again, awesome job with your blog!!


    1. Hey, Cordy! I was happy to see your comment :D. And THANK YOU so much, my friend! I'm really glad you think that - I'm so happy that you guys enjoy what I write! *hugs*

      And thank you for the tag! I'll make sure to check it out ;).

  14. OH MY TEA, THIS IS INCREDIBLE, SAVANNAH. I laughed my way through the whole thing--it was perfection! Tom's rhymes have such a bounding, cheerful quality...Puddleglum was hilariously, well, glum...and then the Mad Hatter and his tea party was so so so accurate and fabulous and KLASJFLASKFJSJ. CAN I JUST FANGIRL FOR A SECOND.

    I honestly want to quote the whole thing, but there's no point in that. I loved how Puddleglum says that adventures are good for making one less cheerful (so true, lol). And "Won't you stay around for tea, award-bringer and sulky one?" had me just about bursting with giggles. So did using the Silmaril as a tea tray. XD

    In short, I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. Congrats to the Mad Hatter!

    1. THANK YOU SO MUCH, TRACEY! I'm so happy that y'all thought this post was a worthy edition to the Silmarillion Award presentations! :D And now Tom, Puddleglum, and the Mad Hatter are even higher on my 'favorite characters' list than they were before! xD

      AH, YOUR COMMENT IS MAKING ME GRIN SO MUCH. Thank you, friend! I'm glad you enjoyed!

  15. You wrote this so well, Savannah, and stayed in character perfectly. I can tell you put some dedication and work into this--and that you know all three characters well! I've always loved Puddleglum. I'd definitely call him one of Lewis's best creations, whatever people say!

    1. Thank you so much, Hanna! It was a very fun challenge to write another person's characters - I guess this is what it feels like to write fanfiction! :D

  16. "Here's Tom Bombadil, Silmaril a-bringing." *gasp* That's brilliant! Also, go Hatter!


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