The Get To Know Me Tag // Writer's Edition

March 26, 2018

    So guess who finally created a tag? (like they said they would a million years ago?)

    Technically it's almost cheating, as I kinda revamped an old tag (such an old one that I don't know what genius created it) - the wonderful Get To Know Me Tag that swept the blogosphere about a year ago -  and turned it into a shiny new one, but who's asking?

    Get ready for the Get To Know Me tag, writer style. 

The Get To Know Me Tag Writer's Edtion [post title image]

the rules

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the questions

Vital Stats And Appearance:

(pen)Name: Savannah Grace

Nicknames: Savan (by my sisters), Savvy (by my friends, both in real life and on the internet), Sav (same with this one). Also, Nobody's Cat and Apocalypse, by my sisters (...long story).

Birthday: September 11th.

Hair color and length: Dark brown, just past my elbows.

Eye color: Brown

Braces/piercings/tattoos: none, none, and none (though I draw with sharpies on my arm so much that I might as well have a tattoo xD)

Righty or lefty: Righty! (though I absolutely wish I was ambidextrous)

Ethnicity: A quarter Korean, and a whole mish-mash of other things. But if asked, I just respond with "part Korean" to make things easy xD.


First novel written: I wrote it at the age of ... well, around ten, and it was a total rip-off of The Black Stallion, but with fantasy elements (which also made it a rip-off of my favorite video game, Final Fantasy) 

First novel completed: Oh, gracious. Well, I had a private blog between the years 2013 and 2016 (when I started this one), and I wrote multiple serial stories on there for my friends. One of them ended up being 80k words long when it was finished, so ... yeah, I guess that was probably my first novel ;D. 

Award for writing: Dear me, I certainly haven't received any awards that are worth mentioning! They only one I can remember is when I got first place in one of Tessa Emily Hall's Monday minute challenge, when I was about thirteen. It was a very small thing, but it was the first recognition my writing had ever received, so of course I was on cloud nine.  

First publication: I haven't published any novels yet, but my first publication was a piece of flash fiction in Splickety magazine's Dystopian Disaster issue (which released just  a week or two ago!)

Conference: None yet - but I'm going to Realm Makers this July! I'm so incredibly excited :D. 

Query/Pitch: None yet, for either category! My stories aren't quite far enough along for that, but soon.


Novel (that you wrote): Oh gracious. I'm going to cheat and name two - Asher Grey (it's a novella, so technically it doesn't fit here) and Killing Snow (which is a novel that I haven't finished yet, but that I'm the farthest along in so CHEATING ALL AROUND but *shrugs*). Love those two <3.

Genre: anything that falls under the vast umbrella of Speculative Fiction. Seriously, I've dabbled in so many speculative fiction genres, you guys have no idea xD.

Author: NOPE *flees away from the question* ... but I guess I do have to answer it? Huh. Okay well #cheating is going to happen again because I'm just going to pick THREE OF my favorites, which would be Nadine Brandes, Mary Weber, and Andrew Peterson. Their creativity/books/overall epicness is just flat out inspiring.

Writing Music: Oh, gracious. The music always changes depending on what I'm writing. When I'm writing The Chained Circus, it's a lot of Imagine Dragons. While I was writing the first draft of my Theseus and The Minotaur retelling, it was three specific songs - Lost Boy by Ruth B., True Colors by Zedd, and Fix You by Coldplay. I've got a ton of stories on my plate right now, but at this very minute I'm working on an untitled short story, and it's three songs are Safe and Sound (covered by Madilyn Bailey), Falling Slowly (covered by Addison Agen), and She Used To Be Mine (covered by Addison Agen). Am I writing a sad short story? Yes, yes I am xD.

Time To Write: On the computer in the morning, in my notebook at night. Afternoons and I don't get along.

Writing Snack/Drink: I don't snack while I'm writing (I. Would. Be. Distracted), and if I drank anything I'd totally spill it, but I certainly bribe myself with treats to hit certain word goals (candy, people <3). Usually Starbursts or jellybeans. Starbursts are life.

Movie: Oh, dear me. There's so many movies that have inspired me to do big, epic, writer-ly things ... but at the moment I'd probably have to say the four Hunger Games movies.

Writing Memory: Guys. I've been writing for seven years - I have a lot of memories! Seriously, there's no way for me to pin down one favorite. Though, one that I particularly love was when my sisters and I went to a camp for a day with some of our friends, and we were all sitting around one of the wooden picnic tables and eating lunch while talking about Killing Snow (said friends were currently reading it), and ranting/raving about the things I'd done in the story so far (I might have killed a character. I might have gotten yelled at. I'M NOT TELLING xD).

Childhood Book: I HAVE SO MANY. There was Strange Birds, which I loved so much, and then the entire Avalon series by Rachel Roberts. My sisters and I were obsessed with those books when we were little. 


Reading: Entwined by Heather Dixon (a beloved reread), and The Dressmaker's Secret by Kellyn Roth (I'm halfway through and I can't wait to see where it goes!)

Writing: three-ish pieces to submit to Splickety, a short story for the Blank Page Challenge, a Theseus and the Minotaur short story retelling, and the zero-draft of my novel The Chained Circus (I has a full plate, you guys - A FULL PLATE).

Listening to: nothing right this second, but I've had Andrew Peterson's new song - Is He Worthy? - stuck in my head ever since he released it.

Watching: kinda sorta watching The Voice and American Idol with my sisters (they are hardcore fans, I just write/edit and kinda sorta watch with them, haha xD), and Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them (for the first time! Because I am late! But I am LOVING it so far! xD)

Learning: That things in the publishing world sometimes move very slowly and I. Need. To. Be. Patient xD.


Want To Be Published: absolutely! I just had my first piece published in Splickety magazine's Dystopian Disaster issue a week or so ago, but I am currently working towards getting my first novella/novel published. It's a slow but steady process ;).

Indie or Traditional: good gracious. As of now, I think I'm leaning more towards being traditionally published if I can, but my views are not secured. It could all very easily change, because I love the control that indie publishing gives you xD.

Wildest Goal: Be a NYT bestseller (maybe with my debut novel?), and speak at a writers conference shortly after/before I turn twenty. Hey, A GIRL CAN DREAM xD.
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~ Savannah Grace

what is your wildest writing goal?
if you do this tag (feel free to steal it), drop a link so I can check it out!


  1. An invented tag! :D How exciting!
    Oh boy, I can't wait to do this one. I'm going to have to do a lot of catching up, but this one... it might move to the front of the list. I love all of the questions! :D
    And your answers! :D *dreams with you on the NYT bestsellers list*

    1. I can't wait to see you do it! I haven't been following your blog for super long, but it is seriously great. And YES, we can all dream of being on the NYT bestsellers list together <3 <3 <3.

  2. OH MY WORD, THANK YOU FOR TAGGING ME!! This tag sounds so fun and I can't wait to do it! Your answers are all awesome and it was fun getting to read more about you. :D

    ~Ivie| Ivie Writes

    1. You're super, super welcome, Ivie! I'm really excited to see you do it <3.

  3. This looks like such a fun tag! I might just steal it... =)

    Wow, you do have a lot on your writing plate! I wish I could juggle as much as you. I can only focus on one big project and then maybe an article and short story at the same time. Good luck on The Chained Circus! Jus the title sounds amazing!

    Micaiah @ Notebooks and Novels

    1. I hope you do! It would be so fun to see you do it ;).

      OH, gracious - please don't! xD Honestly, one or two problems at a time is much better than what I'm doing right now. And thank you so much! I'm very excited about that story <3.

  4. OMW I LOVE THIS. This was so cool to read and see all your answers. *flail*

  5. Ahhh, thanks for the tag! I love this one...*side eyes* *grins*

    You will ABSOLUTELY make the NYT best seller list! I just know it! <3 Your stories are genius! Genius, I say!

    1. You're so welcome! I'd love to see you do it <3.

      AH, THANK YOU SO MUCH, FAITH <3 <3 <3. Maybe, maybe someday ;).

  6. What a neat tag! Thank you for tagging me - this looks like so much fun and I can't wait to do it!

    There are so many great books and song sin your answers! It was so neat to read your answers and "get to know you" a little more. ;)

    ~True //

    1. You're welcome, True! I can't wait to read your post, if you do it <3. Thanks for reading ;).

  7. So cute! I may have to steal it ;D

  8. IT'S HEEEEEERE!!! :D I LOVE THIS TAG SO VERY MUCH. Definitely gonna have to find time to do it! *dances*

    It was such a joy getting a peek into all the Savannah things! I'm still so, so, sooo thrilled about you getting published into Splickety. And oh my goodness, YOU ARE WORKING ON SO MANY EXCITING THINGS!!! :O I need your balancing skills! I can only ever seem to focus on one project at a time, even though I'd love to juggle a few. (But seriously, if you ever want to share a post on some tips for juggling multiple projects, I WON'T COMPLAIN. *wink, wink*)

    Huzzah for exploring ALL the speculative fiction things! I'm with you. It's too tempting to try alllll the spec-fic sub-genres. THERE'S JUST SO MUCH THAT CAN BE DONE.

    I'm a total starbursts addict too! *high-fives* I love rewarding myself with those!

    You keep dreaming big, girl! God's got amazing plans for you! ^_^

    Thanks for tagging me AND creating this awesome tag! Can't wait to do it!

    1. P.S. I tagged you for something today, too! #TWINS It's the Spring Cleaning Writing Challenge:

      Absolutely NO pressure to do it though!

    2. YES IT IS - and I'm super excited to see you do it!

      THANK YOU SO MUCH but PLEASE don't try to juggle as many projects as I am. Trust me, it is a MASSIVE pile of stress and I'm working on cutting it down xD. (maybe that post is in the making!)

      I'LL KEEP DREAMING IF YOU KEEP DREAMING. I can't wait to see what He has in store for both of us! <3

      Ooh, thank you so much for tagging me! NO idea if I'll have time to do it (my schedule is so full, you have no idea xD), but we shall see! Thanks for thinking of me, Lauri <3.

  9. AWESOMENESS!! I totally want to steal this if I have time!

    1. And I totally remember that picnic table at camp! I was so happy to finally get a chance to yell at you about your crazy plot twists and *ahem* soul-wrenching death scenes.

    2. PLEASE DO! I want to see you do this so bad.

  10. Ahh, I feel like I haven't been around here in forever! I've missed your little space. <3

    Congrats on your short story being published by a magazine!! That's awesome. You are doing some crazy awesome and exciting things. I can't wait to see how everything plays out!

    Also, I am intrigued by Asher Gray. Is that the short story you submitted to the Rooglewood competition?

    1. EMILY *tackle hugs you* I kid you not, I was just thinking that other day that I hadn't talked to you in SO LONG. How are you?

      Yes, it is! It's a smol novella, but I still love it so much <3.

  11. Thank you so much for tagging me!!!

    1. Thank YOU for doing the tag! I loved reading your answers ;D.

  12. THIS IS THE MOST GENIUS TAG EVERRRR. I love it so much!! I might end up stealing it sometime if I can't come up with a post. ;)

    You're rereading Entwined, ahhhhhhh. Just one of my FAVORITE BOOKS EVER, thank you very much. I seriously love that book and would be rereading it myself if I weren't trying to force myself not to reread EVERYTHING. xD

    My wildest writing goal is to be a best-selling author (duh, who DOESN'T want this? xD) and open up my own bookshop where I can sell all my friends' books and hold write-ins for all the local writers. Oddly specific dream that will most likely never come true, but WHATEVER. We're ignoring the impossibilities. ;)

    1. THANK YOU SO MUCH, GLITTER QUEEN <3. And yes, absolutely steal it xD.

      It is just SO MAGICAL and the characters are THE BEST - I love how much of a sister story it is! Its definitely one of the most-reread books that I own ;P.

      OH MY GRACIOUS THAT IS THE BEST GOAL EVER. This bookstore must be a thing! It must! We are absolutely going to ignore all possibilities and MAKE. IT. HAPPEN. xD

  13. I have a digital subscription to Splickety, and I'd been eagerly anticipating Dystopian Disasters ever since you said you were being published in it! And OH MY GOODNESS YOUR STORY WAS GREAT!!! It was kinda feelsie too... :') You are a REALLY good writer, Savannah, eeeeek!

    Anyway, this tag is super fun! I too am heavily leaning toward trad publishing, but we must stay open-minded about other routes too and let God lead us. *nodnod*

    "Lost Boy" by Ruth B is one of my faves!! :D

    1. And now I'm just sitting here flailing over your comment ;D. THANK YOU SO MUCH, LILA! I'm so, so glad that you enjoyed it! <3

      Yeah - I just think that I would have a hard time navigating the waters of publication without an industry official helping me out, so ... ha, yeah, traditional publishing is looking pretty good xD.

      It's such a beautiful song! <3

  14. What a fun tag! I love that your goals are actually kind of big because a lot of people are too afraid to say their big dreams out loud. GO YOU!!!

    1. Thank ya, Evangeline! And hey - no one should be ashamed to say that they're dreaming a million epic dreams! xD

  15. Ooh this was so much fun to read! It was awesome getting to know the writer side of you a little better!

    (also, Starbursts. and jellybeans. yes)

  16. Funnnn! (ENTWINED YAY!) Thanks for the tag! ^_^

  17. The tag has come my way, thanks to Kenzie, so you can check it out my random answers. xD

  18. I just completed this tag on my blog (after being tagged 5 times to do it, LOL):


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